Monday, January 31, 2011

A Part of My Heart Stays Behind

"He renews my strength.  He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name."  Psalm 23:3

We all know who the "He" is in this passage....God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit...and through my darkest of days I know HE is always with me.  I shared a quote I think earlier in this day....basically saying that's where we find those valleys. 

I also find him in is my husband, Michael's birthday.  What a birthday home?!!!  Yeah...that's what he says.  He's elated to have me back and misses me so much.  I miss him too but it's different when he's here at home all alone with all my stuff around and our 'normal' life is missing something... me!  So he was eagerly awaiting me at the foot of the escalator last night. 

Knowing Jesus Christ is my strength...there's no doubt that He offers it and richly blesses me with it through Michael.  He's a solid foundation for me...holding me accountable, being my cheerleader from the sidelines, and or being the first to call me out...and yes, there are those times.  Those time when someone so grounded in his faith...offers his insights, his opinion, his interpretation...that helps me to see things in a different light. 

Oh trust me...there are those times that I don't either...those times when I'm so set in my opinion and frame of mind...bull headed, I believe would be an appropriate word here.  But, he loves me...both Michael and me just the same. 

Today....home from the Dominican....feels weird.  Still fresh enough to smell the smoke in the air in Barahona...suitcases are on the back porch and will be for several days 'airing' out.  There's a distinct smell every where you go...and there is no different.  Laundry is being done...a few souveniers pulled out....but I'm a bit teary today. 

I miss my roomy, Susan...yeah, she's right here in the same town basically with me....but we've been inseperable pretty much for the past 12 days and I miss her. 
I miss the sound of the ocean outside our room...
I miss looking up into the night sky and seeing more stars than I have ever seen in my life...because we're so far out...
I miss the, as you ride down the road in the open red truck...they'll wave as you wave...they're the same as me.
I miss the team...God's team that He so sweetly put together.  I smile as I think about the things we shared this week...each with their own gifts and talents...their niche'

I miss seeing God so simply.....oh, I know He's here....but as I have made it so abdundantly clear throughout my's not as simple sometimes.  I know...I make it that way.

I miss....a part of my heart that always stays behind. 

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