Monday, January 31, 2011

"I Know What It Is To Have Plenty" Philippians 4:12

"All of us love mountaintop experiences, but it is a trap to always be expecting and looking forward to those times of exhilaration. And if we are truly honest, we will admit we have learned greater lessons from the Lord while in the valleys  of life.  Of course, our understanding of what God was doing typically comes much later.  Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, once wrote, 'Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.' 

When we compare the mountaintop to the valley, we realize that what sustains us- such as water, food, and fellowship - is found in the valley.  And, the people who so desperately need our testimony of faith live there!"


"Morning by Morning"  The Devotions of Charles Spurgeon & Jim  Reimann

I've read this twice today...and it rings with such truth.  It's when I'm at my lowest that I can see Him...feel Him, so why would we think that's now where He is....wanting us to lean, and rely on His wisdom, Grace, and Mercy.

I wonder if maybe that's why the people in these 3rd world countries are so close to Him...they don't have all the distractions but they still rely on and I to offer them and show them their mountaintop experiences.  Regardless of how different it may be from ours.  He's still just as powerful and "there" for them.  I want to talk to God someday and ask, I want to applaude Him in creating us in such ways...we can tolerate the valley's, while experiencing different levels of mountaintops yet still seeing Him.


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