Friday, January 28, 2011

Love, Prayer...and a Little EGR...A Wonderful Way to End the Last Day of Work

We began this morning‎ with a wonderful devotion from Sandy.  Sandy told us a little about the devotion last night...about how she had to change it a little bit.  The clinic had gone up the coast on Thursday, so once again it was late when they came home.  Too late for Santa to go back to Batey she stayed with Sandy and Terri.  This had to be difficult for Terri and Sandy because Santa couldn't speak English.  So, for a 2nd night, they were very hospitable to Santa, giving up one of their beds so Santa could sleep. 

You have to know that Sandy is probably one of the sweetest people I know.  She and her dad's relationship is inspiring and I've never witnessed a mutual respect between a parent and a child.  You can see their faith in Christ all through their relationship.  Sandy speaks so lovingly of her dad, her mom, and her husband Chris.  So, for her to do a devotion on have to know it's also as real.

EGR, she defined is 'Extra Grace Required."  Those people in all of our lives that are EGR people.  She admits to there is something about all of us that require a little extra grace on someone's behalf to overlook our bad habits, our quirks, our special annoyances. 

Oh sure you do!!  We all have them.  We just don't like to think about them.  But the way Sandy gave the devotion made you aware that it's also those things that make us EGR use may be different than yours...but when you think...oh my, how our sweet Jesus must chuckle at the EGR.   His patience with us...knowing how we are, creating us the way we are?  Yet, we sometimes make it so difficult to offer others that EGR.

Sandy confidently gave us an example Thursday night of EGR...and laughed as she told us how she knew God was having a wonderful time watching her grow from this experience.  I love God moments...but when you can visually picture Him throwing His head back and laughing at our 'learning' ...priceless. 

I love you Sandy.  I thank you for your honesty...for your willingness to be 'real' with 

It was a wonderful way to start our day and it was a "God thing" that Santa stayed Thursday night.  After the devotion, Mike presented Santa, with the help of Pastor Pedro translating...with the love offering from the LRC game.  She was deeply touched and afterwards we asked her to stand in the middle while we all prayed for Sami through her.  A fitting last devotional, prayer...a little EGR. 

We all need it.  I need it constantly. 


Our last work day was great.  We usually end up a little early so we can clean up, box up supplies and get back a little earlier for our celebration meal with our translators.  The clinic team usually is close to Batey 7, so they can take supplies by the Good Samaritan Clinic before heading they were at Batey 9.

Surgically and medically the week went uneventful compared to last year with the earthquake.  We were all grateful for that...but it was eventful in the fact that there were things that touched my heart that will make it as special as years past. 

The love suitcase that was full of so many people's contribution to this mission, both in material things and money that was sent.

A wonderful conversation with a friend who without realizing it...made me aware of who and what I am at home...and in the DR.  I should be the same.

A beautiful church service that made me realize what a gift I have in my own daughter, and how God is...and will use her in a powerful way.

A team of people...some old friends, some new friends.  I listened as one expressed how blessed they were to have been there.  How they had had a bad experience in church and how this had renewed their faith what is good...

A reminder of how selfish, materialistic, and greedy I am...and how people who make as much a day that I spend for lunch can teach me more about life and priorities than I can ever learn from the U.S...anywhere!

Then...there are 2 people that make me want to be a better person just by "watching them" do what they do.  I love you Jorge & Connie!  God surely smiles down as He blesses you.

Lastly....Sami.  You are a beautiful child and your bravery as you face chemotherapy monthly.  Your smile is contagious and your faith in God will move mountains.  Dios' La Bendiga Sami!!   I will share your story with everyone I know and I will always pray for you.

At weeks end...633 patients seen in the clinic, 1700 prescriptions filled...78 surgeries at the hospital.  But...36 people were refreshed in their faith...tired from the work, but hearts full of love as we journey towards home beginning tomorrow morning.  Sunrises here...we'll they are perfect every morning.  No matter how cloudy it may be....God really shows off with His paint brush when it's about 6:15 or so...the EGR He grants us every day...hoping, I'm sure that we'll pause long matter where we look up...notice the color, the beauty, His Grace, His Gift. 
As we journey home...God, I thank you for the extra Grace you grant me by blessing me with this trip.  We ask for travel mercies toward Santo Domingo, then home.  But, we pray also for all our Dominican friends that we leave behind.  May their health continue to be in Your Hands and through their lives and ours, we realize and see Your Grace and Mercy.

Amen "Amin"


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