Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where is it on the map?

We will be traveling to Barahona, Dominican Republic on Wednesday 01/19/11 for a medical mission trip. Barahona is on the SW side of the island. It is a very poor but beautiful part of the island. This area was hit hard by Hurricane Noel in 2007, then in 2010 had an influx of many injured survivors from the January 12th earthquake in Haiti.  There are hundreds of Batey's (small villages) in and surronding Barahona, where both Dominicans and Haitians live and work the sugarcane/other crops.

We covet your prayers while we're away.


Barahona city isn't an especially pleasant place. Founded in 1802, the city has fallen on hard times due to the local sugar mill closing. Still, the locals are friendly and they are real!  The undeveloped coastline that stretches to the west of the city is some of the prettiest scenery I've ever seen.  Barahona is a port situated at the end of a magnificent horseshoe-shaped bay that is framed by rugged mountains.

- Barahona-Enriquillo Coastal Highway. This is perhaps the most splendidly scenic highway in the Caribbean, exceptional in its views of a multi-colored sea, untamed stretches of dense forest, sparkling rivers and towering green mountains. Visitors to this area are few and the simple ways of traditional village life may be glimpsed along the route. Wave to the residents and they will smilingly wave back. It's a lush landscape of brilliant greens, complemented by millions of graceful yellow butterflies and the melodies of innumerable birds.

Barahona is tucked under the SW side of the island

The beautiful Barahona shoreline

barahona 300x216 barahona
look out at San Rafael

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